The Sacred Feminine


The Sacred Feminine is an offering to all women who are feeling its time to reclaim, rejoice and remember your inner lush and embody the sacred feminine.

This event is a personal invitation to sacred feminine mystery teachings that offer practices for the divine feminine.

During the course of this day we shall explore, express, journal, dance reflect and rejoice in what it means to be an empowered Sensual Sexual Sacred Feminine.

Please Note: There will be light nudity, please feel free to call me to discuss

Step into a Ritualistic Temple Space filled with soft lighting, sweet aromas in the air, rich fabrics, Sacred Alter for the Feminine…..

rose yoni
During the Course of the Day we will Explore:-

  •  Ovarian Breath
  • Jade Egg Practices
  • Menstrual moon phases & the mystery schools of the feminine
  • Living a Ritualistic Approach to Life
  • Awakening the Goddess through Tantric Goddess Mantras
  • Exploration of the Tantric Goddess for Personal Transformation
  • Cultivating sexual energy in the womb
  • Heart and Womb connecting
  • Yoni Offerings
  •  Learn to Experience your body as ecstatic bliss


  • Heal old wounds and traumas around sexuality and sensuality
  • Deepen your own Feminine Spiritual Practices
  • Learn and Explore different ways of expression
  • Body acceptance and self love
  • Living with purpose
  • Rituals to bring a deeper self awareness
  • Sound and Mantras for healing and expasion

*-Work book will be provided-*

Please Bring:-

– Flower for Yoni Offering
– Robe for Yoni Offering yoni mirror gazing
– Ornament for the Alter representing the inner Her (Goddess)
– Yoni Egg if you already have one
– Fruit for Goddess offering

$200 Concession
$250 Concession with Yoni Egg
$250 Full Price
$300 Full Price with Yoni Egg


About your Facilitator

Charmaine Adam hold a safe nurturing space that can truly be felt. Charmaine has been practicing as a professional Tantric Teacher and intuitive healer for 6 years. Over the years Charmaine as worked with women , men and couples and facilitates tantric and Spiritual development workshops.

Charmaine is an intuitive, allowing her to see intuitively into blocks that arise within the sentience of your body. This gift allows her to assist in powerful transformations with her clients. Charmaine aims in assisting you to break through layers of limitations and unveiling the divine essence that you are. Together we aim to restore harmony into all areas of your life, reclaiming your Sovereignty and Mastery in this life.