“For years I have been interested to understand how Tantra practice could embellish my relationship and intimate experiences. This workshop came up at an auspicious time in the development of my relationship and we attended the full day experience. Zoriaan and Charmaine are the ideal co facilitators, both strong in their capabilities as leaders, as well as transmitting the knowledge and practices, tailoring it to individuals.

The space we arrived into was beautiful, welcoming, and sacred, with candles, flowers and small figurines and pictures of Hindu deities. The while day was immensely rewarding, building foundation knowledge and practice, right through to more dynamic partner work that was not only easy to do with my partner, but truly blissful and quickly harnessed the spiritual in our intimacy.

If you would like an authentic, practical and enjoyable Tantra experience, especially if it’s your first time, I recommend asking Zoriaan and Charmaine when they are having their next full day workshop!”

Janet Tucker, Melbourne Australia



“Thank you so much Charmaine and Zoriaan! I feel so much gratitude in my heart for all the generosity and love you put into this amazing workshop. As someone with no experience at all of tantra I found your workshop to be very enlightening and perfect for a beginner. I felt very comfortable and safe in the sacred space you created.

I felt very held and cared for on an emotional level also. There was a lot more content than I expected and the healing was quite literally out of this world! I could definitely feel the power of the practices and felt an increased intimacy with my partner. Afterwards I felt energized, present, inspired, affirmed and more committed to sacred practice. You are both magically powerful divine beings and I look forward to weaving the web of the great mystery with you again. You shared so much of yourselves very generously and graciously and for that I bow humbly. Sending much love, gratitude and blessings on your important work.”

Phenoix Moon