Tantric Hens Nights

Hens Night For the Kama Sutra


Learn the sacred teachings and wisdoms of the Kama Sutra. An event that will empower each women in her own divine sensuality, sexuality and tips on how to seduce the man in waiting for that special wedding night.


During the course of the evening we will uncover the inner goddess, and learn the art of seduction and enticement through dance.


We will learn more about our sacred spot, (female gentiles) known as the yoni along with the male’s lingham (males gentiles)  and we will uncover secrets and techniques that your mother never taught you.


Enjoy some fun filled practical Kama sutra sexual positions and learn how the breath can make this experience more heart filled more orgasmic and deepen your intimacy


Discover many playful ways to bring more intimacy and connection with your beloved, through the five senses.  And how to create a sacred temple space.


We will end the evening performing a tantric ritual and ordainment on the bride to be bestowing many blessings.



Tantric Hens nights are for 1 hour $350



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