Tantra lifestyle consultations

Tantra Lifestyle Consultations

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Tantra is a science an art a way of living that can assist in deepening your spiritual path. Tantra honors and acknowledges the senses sexuality and emotions to assist in evolving spiritually.

In a Tantra lifestyle consultation, your tantric guide will assist you and your partner to create a tantric practice to suit any lifestyle. By having a regular tantric practice, you will find a deeper purpose in you life individually and as a couple.

A regular tantric practice will bring more fulfillment and harmony into your relationship, which begins to flow in all other areas of life. You will find that individually you grow more conscious and begin to evolve your relationship from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We are able to assist any lifestyle and make only slight adjustments to ensure that you have time for you tantric practice and for your love.

This consultation in unique to the individual couple. No tantra lifestyle plan is the same.

In the consultations we will discuss:

• Creating sacred space

• Transcending sexuality

• Daily devotion

• Tantric meditations and breath techniques

• Feminine and masculine polarities

• Authenic communication

• Love and relating

• Supporting each other individually and in unity

• Love without limits

• Deepening Trust

• Sacred sexuality

• Connecting on a soul level

• Tantra healing vs tantric sex


These sessions are fully clothed however we do explore connecting though body movements and breath techniques. So please wear comfortable clothing. Please also bring a ornament that represents the masculine and feminine.



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