Tantra Sessions with Charmaine

Tantra shows us how to open our hearts, our emotions and our sexuality. It is a path that can merge our spirituality with our sexuality and unify. Our practice of Tantra shows you how to reclaim the sexual intimacy that is your birthright.

The meaning of Tantra is a sanskrit word which translates “to weave, to expand, and to spread” and signifies “Liberation” It is a spiritual science that was taught in India more then 7000 years ago.


Sacred Touch Tantra   “Our Aim”

Sacred Touch Tantra program aims to assist individuals and couples to awaken a deeper level of intimacy consciousness and awareness within. Liberation through sexual expression, and finding a deeper connection and love through sex that is  honoured  and sacred.

Through knowledge and practice of our program which encompasses  tantric breathing tech , bodywork, touch, and education one can discover a deeper sexual connection  acceptance and expression found within and experienced. This improves not only your sex but the way you relate to every detail in life.  Through our session clients move through mental, emotional and physical blocks to experiencing orgasmic bliss, sexual empowerment, sexual acceptance and self love.



Sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies we have that increases health and wellbeing, along with eliminating stress, and worries. Our Program can assist you if you have any one of the following concerns or interests.

* Reduces premature ejaculation and prolongs love making
* Deepens intimacy and connection with your loved one
* Learn to channel sexual energy into Health and wellbeing, increase in energy and vitality
* Release sexual inhibitions shame and guilt
* Can increase sexual interest if sex is absent or loss of drive , interest.
* Tantra can increase your orgasmic experience for those who have an inability to reach orgasm.
* Re spark you sex life with a loved one

Our Program  

“Each Session can be done as per interest. It is not necessary to do each Session in order. ” One or all 3 Sessions can be experienced in any order you choose”

Session 1 90 Min for $190

Moving past sexual blocks to ecstasy

Our Temple Goddess takes you on an inner journey to awaken your sexual passion. Through out this session you will explore the breath and how simple breathing techniques can deepen sexual bliss and pleasure through out the body. Through the breath you will also learn how to deepen your connection with a beloved. We guide you through your 7 energy centres and moving through each one with gentle body movements awakening your understanding and connection with your inner self. Through bodywork dynamics breath and pressure point therapy, you will access energy movement through out your body, releasing blocks and held emotions holding you back from your orgasmic power and bliss. You will also gain ejaculation techniques to access longer states of love making, and for her you will learn how to move your orgasm through out your body deepening your connection with your inner her….yoni…We will finish this session with a sensual oiled massage, heightening pleasure.

Session 2  90min  $220

Building Sexual Ecstasy 

Our Temple Goddess begins this session by opening up your body through breath and gentle body movements to allow more sexual energy to be experienced in this session. This session is about building your sexual energy control and moving the energy through out your whole body to experience a heightened body bliss. This session will give you practices that you can implement in your daily love making to experience more orgasmic power , bliss , control and longer lasting love making. As you awaken your erogenous zones through out this experience, we finish with a sensual oiled massage to deepen your sensuality and and receptivity to pleasure.

Session 3 $250 90min


Our Temple Goddess will explore intimacy with you this session allowing yourself to surrender into your bliss. Through dance and breath you will be taken into deep realms of sensuality, sexuality and the connection of oneness that can be experienced with the universe. The temple goddess will introduce more intimate Tantric breath techniques so that you can explore a deepening connection with your beloved and a new intimacy and relationship with yourself. This session will involve sensual oiled based massage through out the whole session