Tantra Massage for Couples

Tantra Massage for Couples



Enter a world that is extraordinary and leave the ordinary at the door. Sweet aromas , candles and rich colors’ to remind you that love is a scared place to explore, unite , love and appreciate your lover deeper.

Your temple Goddess (Tantric practitioner) will assist both of you to remember the sacred union that has always been there between you.

In this session you will explore the feminine and masculine polarities. Through breath (pranayama) awareness and techniques you will reach a presence that rekindles the spark awaiting to be reignited, or perhaps explore how that eternal flame can burn brighter.

Open to both beginners any couple interested in going deeper in there love connection. We explore how tantra and sacred sexuality can align more spiritual purpose and practice in you life. We will learn how we can heal through tantric practices along with deepening connection love and intimacy. This session offers a more open and authentic communication, conscious forms of touch and sensual play.

Massage and tantric bodywork can offer a way to release emotional and mental blockages that are created from everyday stresses life bringing a more balanced and harmonious relationship and lifestyle. Your temple goddess (tantric practitioner) will guide you both through gentle, playful and sensual bodymovements (asanas), breath techniques to move, clear and explore energy though out the body (pranayama’s) and sacred sounds and love noise (mantra) to elevate you both to higher states of consciousness love and intimacy.

Your Temple goddess is only a guide allowing your connection to be held in your own love. It is advised that the couple brings along a ornament , something that represents the divine feminine and masculine properties.

In the session your Tantric Facilitator will cover:

• Intoduction to Tantra Philsophy •

• Tantric Breath Tech to deepen love and intimacy

• Tantric massage tech to learn how to move sexual energy in the body

• Conscious touch and play

• Building of sexual energy through breath tech

• Deepening trust love and understanding

• Tantric healing vs tantric love making

• Authentic open communication

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