Kundalini Awakening Ceremony (Shaktipat)

Kundalini Awakening Ceremony (Shaktipat)


Within each of us lies a source of divine energy. This energy is known as the Kundalini energy which resides dormant for most on the base of the spine.

A Kundalini awakening or a Shaktipat ceremony is the transfer of Shakti divine energy to awaken the Kundalini energy within the individual.

When the Kundalini energy within a individual in awakened or activated, it opens up a individual to a higher frequency/vibration. Having an awakened or active Kundalini within provides the individual with an acceleration of there own spiritual evolution.

For many a Kundalini awakening assists with deepening a spiritual connection within, attainment of self realization has also been known through out these experiences. Each experience is unique to the individual.

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Awakening Kundalini is known to assist with:

  • Accelerated spiritual growth/evolution
  • Opening of innate psychic abilities
  • Clearing of energetic blockages held in the body
  • Advancements in meditation/spiritual practices
  • Accessing a direct connection with the divine source


Zoriaan & Charmaine have  been officially initiated under the “Siddha Yoga” linage to facilitate Kundalini Shaktipat ceremonies. Both have experienced profound Kundalini awakenings through there life path & are devoted too facilitating the shift in collective consciousness.

We recommend to eat lightly on the day of the ceremony and preferably to abstain from eating 4-5 hours before the event.

We will have a sharing of light snacks after the ceremony so please bring along some finger food to share, a shawl or blanket if needed and drinking water.

Our Kundalini Shaktipat Ceremonies are held on various full moons throughout the year. So please enquire about the dates & locations for our next ceremony.

Contact us to find out dates for our next upcoming Shaktipat fo 2015.


Contribution for this event is $40 pre-booked or $50 on the door.

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