Shakti Essence

 Shakti Essence:

An Elixir To Assist with Awakening Kundalini

Channeled by Charmaine Adam of Alchemy of Tantra
Can now be purchased for a contribution of $27

Please leave comments bellow on contact form if you would like your own personalized Shakti Essence Elixir.

About the Full Moon Shakti Essence:10410596_413144275543345_581489757607968599_n 11665611_413144175543355_4122567442701254265_n

Night before the full moon Shakti Pat ceremony, I was guided in mediation to create an elixir containing the essence of Shakti. These elixirs were to assist in awakening balancing, activating and heightening,the kundalini energy within the individual capturing Shakti in her purest form.

When I sat wondering how I was going to do this, I was intuitively guided to work with particular gemstones. I researched these gemstones and was amazed that they mentioned the specifics with kundalini.

The gemstones that facilitated in the elixir :

Smoky Quartz
Clear Quartz
Yellow Topaz.
24k Gold Leaf

Each gemstone was calibrated to assist in bringing forth templates, kundalini activations, crystalline templates, light body activations, Shakti essence and sacred geometric shapes.

On the day of the full moon, I sat in mediation with the gemstones and channeled the calibrations for each crystal along with the calibration for the Shakti and full moon essence for the Shakti pat ceremony. I did this using a modality I work with called Serenity Vibration Healing.

The elixir sat on the alter of the kundalini Shakti pat ceremony to infuse Pure Shakti energy.

Gemstones were used to assist with the awakening of kundalini energy and were placed in a small glass jar in the purified water. The glass jar with sacred water was then placed under the full moon, to infuse the lunar full moon energy in the water.

The 24k gold is added later which I was then shown and guided to calibrate the gold for the individual unique blue print. So no bottle is the same.

Benefits of Full Moon Shakti Essence

• Activates Shakti
• Awakens Kundalini energy
• Activates light body
• Purifies subtle body for kundalini rising
• Releasing barriers and blocks to Kundalni energy
• Enhances intuitive abilities
• Balances kundalini energy
• Unifies masculine and feminine polarities

How to Use the Full Moon Shakti Essence

These beautiful Shakti Essence can assist you to work with elevating the kundalni and Shakti energy within you. Each gemstone bottle is calibrated to your individual requirements. You can set an intention for your beautiful little bottle of bliss. It is no necessary to work with intention as it will work with you anyway.

You can take the essence under the tongue , I tune In and intuitively ask how many drops I require. Each day it changes for me.

The essence can be used in drinks , food and spray bottles…. Each will gift you a unique experience.

To Order Contact us here and we will be happy to help and provide shipping within Australia.

What is a Crystal Elixir?

Is the imparting of vibrations and healing properties of the crystals into water make a crystal or gemstone elixir. Water by its nature can hold the energy patterns and signatures of crystals and energy intentions for a long time.

Dr. Masaru Emoto in 1990 performed a series of experiments observing and photographing the physical effect of words, prayers, music, and environment on the crystalline structure of water. In frozen water he was able to see how our energy formed crystalline structures. The results were remarkable. Please search Dr Masaru Emoto;s research for deeper perspective on crystalline water structures. Or check out his book called ” The Hidden Messages in Water”.

How Can Crystal Elixirs Help you?

Many of us have blocked stagnant or unbalanced energy within the subtle body. These blocks are usually caused by emotions, negative thoughts and beliefs. When we don’t address these blocks it then manifests as dis ease and disorder into the physical body.
A crystal elixir is created by focusing the intention, vibration and frequency of the crystals energy into the water. Water has the ability to hold the memory and retain information of the crystal. When you use the elixir the crystals download and transmits the frequency that are encoded in a crystalline water (geometric language) into your vibratory field.
This then aids in unblocking balancing the energy in the subtle body which in turn can assist in healing the emotional body, spiritual body, mental body and physical body. It works in a similar manner to homeopathic remedies
When crystal gem elixirs are masterfully prepared, they clear your subtle energy channels so that your divine blueprint of consciousness free to express the intelligence of your soul
When you take an active role in creating your own health, drinking gem elixirs support your bodies’ subtle energy system enabling your whole energy system to very easily balance itself to the healing frequency of the crystal from which the elixir was made.
• Crystal Gem Elixirs can be applied in a number of ways. A specifically prepared gem elixir can be taken orally or may be rubbed into the skin on pulse points, chakras and, if appropriate, the area of pain.

• During a healing session a few drops may be placed on the chakras or key points of the body. A few drops may be placed on the hands of the therapist who then brushes the aura. Sometimes the elixirs are in small remedy bottles that are placed around the body in exactly the same way as crystals.

• Drops of elixir can be placed in the bath, added to aromatherapy oils or sprayed into a room – all with very good effect.

• Gem Elixirs can be taken orally.
When using them for animals add a few drops to their food or rub into their coats and for plants add a few drops to their water or spray their foliage with the elixir.

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