Explore the Art of Tantric Massage Playshop

Learn the Art of Touch in our Tantra Massage Playshop


Ideal for couples who are looking to deepen connection through touch, bringing a new level of intimacy and spiritual practice. Singles are also welcome, please bring a partner.

Join us in a lush space that offers sweet aromas, soft lighting, candles, flowers and rich colors. Leave the ordinary world behind and step into the extraordinary world that provides a sacred safe space to explore discover your lover all over.


During the Day we will deepen our knowledge around Living a Tantric Lifestyle and how this can bring a more conscious/spiritual side to life that elevates your r-ship. We will experience Tantric-breathing Techniques to elevate energy for inner personal transformation. We will then begin to explore Sacred Touch, learning how the art of tantric massage can bring benefits to enrich your life, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, sexual wellbeing and Healing.


*What to bring*

*Yoga Matt
*Massage Oil
*Sarong to cover if preferred
*Flower for offering -Tantric Ritual-
*Ornament representing Divine Masculine and Feminine
*Fruit for Partner Offering

We have limited space please ensure you book in advance, taking 6 couples only. Please check our “Eventbrite Calender” on our home page to see when our next workshop will be held.

Couples $200
Concession $170


Charmaine Adam has been facilitating tantra massage play shops for the past 5 years. She has extensive practical knowledge in tantra and tantra bodywork and specializes in a more feminine approach to tantra. Charmaine came together with Cat Bellm in 2013 and together created the sacred touch tantra program for massage and bodywork.
Please Go to alchemyoftantra.com for bios on your facilitatiors Charmaine and Zoriaan.


(Please Note, that although we mention the word sexual we make reference to the energy this is a non sexual workshop, meaning no gentile touch is involved)

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