About Charmaine


Charmaine Adam has been practicing as a professional Tantric Teacher and intuitive healer  for 6 years.  Over the years Charmaine as worked with women , men and couples and facilitates tantric and Spiritual development workshops.  Charmaine really brings a more sensual and feminine approach to tantra which truly can be felt in her presence and teaching style.

Charmaine is also able to see intuitively, blocks that arise within the sentience of your body allowing her to assist in powerful transformations with her clients.  Charmaine aims in assisting you to break through layers of limitations and unveiling the divine essence that you are. Together we aim to restore harmony into all areas of your life, reclaiming your Sovereignty and Mastery in this life.


Charmaine is the co-founder of Serenity Vibrational Healing – an enlightenment tool that works with quantum mechanics to create rapid transformational change. She has taught and worked internationally with SVH and Tantra.

Char lotus

In all her lushness she will be gracing us with the divine feminine essence.