A Tantric Evening Exploration into the Sacred Arts

  • A Tantric Evening Exploration into the Sacred Arts
  • Date: Monthly in 2015 (contact us for upcoming dates)
  • Venue: Melbourne, Australia
  • Cost: $45 earlybird tickets $50 on the evening
  • Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm


A Social evening where like minded and curious participants can experience a light hearted social and interactive introduction to Tantric Alchemy practices.

These ongoing evenings are designed for beginners of tantra, a refresher for those who know a little, and for those who are advanced who enjoy practicing in a community environment.

These evenings will be hosted monthly with the vision of connection, practice and growth within the Tantric community.

photo 2

During the course of the evening we will explore:

  • Meditation
  • Tantric Yogic Prananayama (Breath techniques)
  • Partnered Exercises
  • Group Exercises
  • A focused Tantric Topic for the evening.
  • Group Discussions
  • Light Body Contact
  • Dance and movement

What you will Gain:

  • Authentic communication
  • Conscious awareness of energy
  • Deepening honoring relationships
  • Deepen tantric practices for spiritual growth
  • Activate higher frequencies for spiritual growth
  • Explore internal alchemy for higher consciousness
  • Open up keys of light within for spiritual evolution
  • Explore tantric practices for health, wellbeing & intimacy *Connection, self-love and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Meet like minded individuals on a similar path
  • Social fun filled evening!

Contribution for the evening will be $45 per person Early bird

At the door $50 per person.

(Only a limited number of space. So please ensure you book and arrange payment as soon as you can)

Payments can be made online. Click Here!

If you would like to pay on the door please ensure that you make contact with us to reserve your space. As there are limited numbers. 0455 372 105


What to Bring:-

Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing as this is a fully clothed event and there will be a variety of exercises.

Please bring small plate of finger food for group sharing at the end.

The spirit of the evening is respectful, honoring, playful.


*About your Facilitators*

Charmaine Adam has been practicing as a professional Tantric Teacher and intuitive healer for 6 years. Over the years Charmaine as worked with women , men and couples and facilitates tantric and Spiritual development workshops. Charmaine really brings a more sensual and feminine approach to tantra which truly can be felt in her presence and teaching style. www.essentiallyexotique.com

Charmaine is able to see intuitively, blocks that arise within the sentience of your body allowing her to assist powerful transformations with her clients. Charmaine aims in assisting you to break through layers of limitations and unveiling the divine essence that you are. Together we aim to restore harmony into all areas of your life, reclaiming your Sovereignty and Mastery in this life.


Zoriaan has been facilitating workshops, performing channeled presentations in San Fransisco, Bali, Canada & India and practicing as an intuitive energy healer for over 12 years. His main focus is working with the energy body, shamanism & consciousness expansion. Offering guided meditations and breath-work techniques to raise the frequency fields within the body, to enhance awareness of self-realization, and to bring new light into others and their life path

Zoriaan began working with “Kundalini” life-force in a serious way when he experienced a spontaneous awakening when he was 22 while traveling in Asia. Since then he has formed & discovered & experienced internal teachings of Tantra. During the past 3 years he has been working side by side with Charmaine Adam who is a female Tantrica from Melbourne.He has been leading shakti-pat kundalini initiations which he was initiated through the lineage “Siddha Yoga”, he has also completed a Teachers training course on Tantra both traditional Kashmir Shaivism and non-traditional Neo-Tantra.


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