About Us


Alchemy of Tantra is movement that supports collective consciousness towards spiritual awakening, Self-awareness and Unity through Tantric Principles. By living a Tantric lifestyle and understanding our internal Alchemy we have a path that deepens our purpose in life and assists us with personal transformation.

Tantra is a science, an art a way of living and being. Through Tantric practice each person can find there own path towards, love, intimacy, spirituality and healing. Tantra provides a foundation to support a more conscious way of living that honors the uniqueness of each human being. The diversity of Tantra supports all religious all beliefs to find a common place of unity and connection. Placing the human first.


Tantra is not all about sex or sexuality. However this spiritual path and personal transformation embraces sexuality as part of the human experience and accepts sexual energy a gateway to higher consciousness. By acknowledging sexuality & the 5 physical senses and your emotions you gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of you body. With the integration of sexuality, emotions, senses, body and soul you will grow spiritually and begin to open the pathways that support intuitive abilities that support your higher evolution.

The meaning of Tantra is a sanskrit word which translates “to weave, to expand, and to spread” and signifies “Liberation” It is a spiritual science that was taught in India more then 7000 years ago.
Alchemy of Tantra provides various teachings that support spiritual awakening, to assist with deepening awareness of who we truly are. Through embracing a Tantric lifestyle you can realize the full potential of a being human. Our practices involve the alchemy of our truest nature, which can provide a powerful and ongoing transformation that can truly deepen your understanding around relationships, intimacy, connection, sexuality, spirituality & healing.alchemyfence2b:w


Charmaine and Zoriaan work together bringing their direct Egyptian linage, Channeling , Tantra, Taoism, Light Language , Quantum Fields (mechanics) &  Shamanism to their Tantric Teachings which provides a unique learning  style that can be felt on every level.

Alchemy of Tantra provides presentations, workshops and retreats that are easy to implement into any lifestyle. We provide education, coaching and practical exercises & techniques that enable any person to learn, experience and self-transform.

“The currents of the soul, rivers of bliss cascading down and up the body continually, sparking life into cells & cleansing layers of thought. Becoming conscious of this alone is a invitation for full transcendence & immersion into the total self. Nothing more is needed. It’s within all beings. It is not a switch that can be turned on or off, it is ever flowing.”