Level Two Workshop: Alchemy of Tantra – The Multi-Orgasmic Self & the Tantric Path to Union.

Alchemy of Tantra: Level Two Workshop

The Multi-Orgasmic self and the Tantric path to union.

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 As we begin to merge deeper into a tantric ritualistic lifestyle with a loved one or with ourselves the journey goes forward into disciplines and techniques which can be implemented into love-making and all our intimate times with a partner.

These techniques can be used to prolong lovemaking thus opening up the possibility to allow the subtle life-force energies to interact and entwine and expand our states of consciousness’, expand ourselves into multi-orgasmic states and ultimately a complete union state of Samadhi.

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 We shall cover over this one day event:

  • The multi-orgasmic self and the tantric path to union
  • Semen retention & prolonging love making
  • Menstrual moon phases & the mystery schools of the feminine
  • Honoring & communication exercises for couples
  • Level 2 of Tantric healing
  • Advanced Tantric pranayamas for individuals and couples to sublimate energy to the higher centres.


Tantric Bodywork

On the second part of the event we will teach with hands on demonstration various ways to practice Tantric bodywork with your partner. Which focusing on increasing sensuality, sensation, deepen states of “letting go”, bringing couples closer together into intimacy, building energy and also healing on a micro and macro level of ourselves and our partners.

If you enjoyed our first workshop “A Tantric Path to Love” or already have some experience in Tantra then this workshop is the next step to take to deepen your practice and your whole universal experience of walking on the tantric path.


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