Level One Workshop: Alchemy of Tantra – A Tantric Path to Love

Alchemy of Tantra: A Tantric Path to Love

“For years I have been interested to understand how Tantra practice could embellish my relationship and intimate experiences. This workshop came up at an auspicious time in the development of my relationship and we attended the full day experience. Zoriaan and Charmaine are the ideal co facilitators, both strong in their capabilities as leaders, as well as transmitting the knowledge and practices, tailoring it to individuals.” Jannet Tucker

Through Tantric Rituals, couples can begin to merge deepening their intimacy, connection and experience a full unification with one another. Tantra can offer a pathway to a more in-depth understanding of yourself, your relationship dynamic with a beloved and how you relate to each other and how you relate to the eternal world around you.


When coming together in a Tantric ritual, couples begin to re discover each other. Sexual ecstasy and bliss are experienced, more expanded moments are felt and shared, and more erotic passion can be enjoyed. Tantric Rituals can assist couples to begin a life time experience of this wondrous sexual bliss that we are all accustomed to and seek out in Tantric teachings.

By keeping a Tantric ritual, union and bliss can be experienced in a more ongoing life experience, rather than in just moments of sexual union. Couples can begin a progression from the multi-orgasmic self to a more evolved ongoing evolution to spiritual understandings along with an evolution of your relationship dynamic as a whole.


We begin to merge more into our heart space, opening up to one another and sharing our emotions and feelings.  A more clear honoring communication between lovers can become your foundation in your relationship.  As life’s distractions, fears worries and concerns may drive you away from each other. Tantric Rituals can assist you to come back into your divine understanding of love and the union that both share.

What this one day workshop can offer you, is a pathway to that next step.

Have you have experienced moments of your orgasmic bliss? Or on the path to experience these Tantric rites? What next, where to go when your already achieving your orgasmic ecstatic states of lushness?

We offer you a new perspective, practices and teachings of where to take your orgasmic bliss. Thus evolving your current orgasmic nature in a progressive growth, that can deepen your spiritual understandings and practices. Providing an ongoing living tantric approach to life. Have a clear harmonious and loving relationship with people and life. Living your orgasmic bliss.



During the Course of the day will explore:-

Tantric Rituals  

Explore a more in-depth practical understanding of Tantric rituals and how these simple rites of passage can assist you to develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with people, lovers and heightening your own spiritual experience in life.

We will cover:
•    How to create a Tantric sacred space.
•    Honoring of your lover. Devotion to love.
•    Tantric Offerings: An approach to giving without expectation of receiving.
•    Adornation of your beloved: Living your body as your temple.
•    Intentions: What they can bring to your spiritual awakening

Tantric Breath Techniques.



Through the breath we learn to become still, present and aware. It is in the space that the internal magic begins to surface. We recognize us, the oneness and the whole
Breaths techniques that we will be covering.

•    Circular breath, heart to heart:  Opening up sacred
space between lovers and making a connection.
Expanding on the breath to create a contained
energy field between yourself and your beloved

•    Kundalini Breath of Fire: Build sexual energy and
energize life-force through the body. Also a wonderful
breath to release blocked energy.

•    Big Draw: Wonderful breath technique to draw sexual
energy up the body, to be refined into a conscious
spiritual energy.

•    Micro cosmic orbit: An inner alchemy experience by
which meditation and breath can produce profound
physical, mental and spiritual transformations.

•    Ankh breath technique channeled by Charmaine Adam.
Egyptian Sacred sexuality practice . A breath tech
that is activated from the heart chakra, circulates
energy between lovers. Balances and harmonizes
feminine masculine polarities. Clears the subtle
body channels and opens up new pathways for

•    Unifying breath: Channeled by Zoriaan. A beautiful
breath and guided group mediation that embraces
unification within the polarities of the self, expanding
into global healing mediation to assist heart opening
and to raise the frequency in the sacred space for
ongoing Tantric practices that follow the meditation.

•    Tantric Flute Breath: Clearing and energizing the
charkas, whist drawing earth and cosmic energy
through the body.

•    Yab Yum: By joining together in this position, lovers
can explore a open connectedness, merging as one
with one another and then merging with the universe.

Sacred Temple

We will explore the sacred dance, a wonderful practice and ritual for exploring and expressing our erotic, sexual and sensual energy. Through movement our sexual energy can we accessed for expression, creativity and healing.  Moving our sexual alchemy can assist an internal connectedness with our body . Also a wonderful erotic play between lovers.





“For years I have been interested to understand how Tantra practice could embellish my relationship and intimate experiences. This workshop came up at an auspicious time in the development of my relationship and we attended the full day experience. Zoriaan and Charmaine are the ideal co facilitators, both strong in their capabilities as leaders, as well as transmitting the knowledge and practices, tailoring it to individuals.

The space we arrived into was beautiful, welcoming, and sacred, with candles, flowers and small figurines and pictures of Hindu deities. The while day was immensely rewarding, building foundation knowledge and practice, right through to more dynamic partner work that was not only easy to do with my partner, but truly blissful and quickly harnessed the spiritual in our intimacy.

If you would like an authentic, practical and enjoyable Tantra experience, especially if it’s your first time, I recommend asking Zoriaan and Charmaine when they are having their next full day workshop!”

Janet Tucker, Melbourne Australia

The Art of Tantric Healing

We will touch over the play of sexual alchemy in healing. Learn the Art of Tantric healing. Lovers can begin to evolve dysfunctional energy in the bodies, mental, emotional and physical to bring about healing for yourself and for your lover. Bringing a more harmonious, openness for emotional well-being.

When we are open to trust and communication lovers can develop a more unified love and understanding for one another. Which enables both to evolve in a more clear conscious approach to their relationship. Tantric Healing also brings a deeper bond between the two lovers as they approach a more compassionate understanding of each others needs, desires and choices.

Tantric healing is a ritual in itself. It is a commitment to each other and the love that both share, that what ever arises within one another, your love can hold space for each other which allows old patterns and dysfunctional energy to be healed and released.

Gift from Zoriaan – “Universal Language of Light Channeling”
Live channeling presentation of  “Universal Language of Light” by Zoriaan.
This truly a gift for all those present in the workshop. During the course of the day Zoriaan will present a live channeling of “Univeral Language of Light” which is used to facilitate a shift & an expansion in the energetic frequency within the room and with ourselves.

This “Universal Language of Light” is channeled by Zoriaan is designed to activate and awaken each persons inner ongoing expanding consciousness. For more information please visit Zoriaan’s website, where you can listen too, read & view his Language of Light Activations. www.zoriaan.com

What to bring:-

•    Yoga mat, pillow and blanket for creating your own sacred space.
•    A flower for Tantric ritual offering.
•    A piece of fruit for a lovers tantalizing delight exercise.
•    An ornament that represents the divine masculine and
feminine (God Goddess)  Couples may bring a
ornament that represents their love for one another.

About your Facilitators:-



Charmaine Adam has been practicing as a professional Tantric Teacher and intuitive healer  for 6 years.  Over the years Charmaine as worked with women , men and couples and facilitates tantric and Spiritual development workshops.  Charmaine really brings a more sensual and feminine approach to tantra which truly can be felt in her presence and teaching style.

Charmaine is able to see intuitively, blocks that arise within the sentience of your body allowing her to assist powerful transformations with her clients. Charmaine aims in assisting you to break through layers of limitations and unveiling the divine essence that you are. Together we aim to restore harmony into all areas of your life, reclaiming your Sovereignty and Mastery in this life.



Zoriaan has been facilitating workshops, performing channeled presentations in San Fransisco, Bali, Canada & India and practicing as an intuitive energy healer for over 12 years. His main focus is working with the energy body, shamanism & consciousness expansion. Offering guided meditations and breath-work techniques to raise the frequency fields within the body, to enhance awareness of self-realization, and to bring new light into others and their life path

Zoriaan began working with “Kundalini” life-force in a serious way when he experienced a spontaneous awakening when he was 22 while traveling. Since then he has formed & discovered & experienced internal teachings of Tantra. During the past 3 years he has been working side by side with Charmaine Adam who is a female Tantrica from Melbourne.He has been leading shakti-pat kundalini initiations which he was initiated through the lineage “Siddha Yoga”, he has also completed a Teachers training course on Tantra both traditional Kashmir Shaivism and non-traditional Neo-Tantra.



Tantra for us is a path that leads you to a place of love, acceptance and unification.

It’s not just about sex but a way of being and living that encompasses all,  health, healing, well-being , sexuality, happiness, spiritual direction, elevation and an evolution of inner growth.

“Thank you so much Charmaine and Zoriaan! I feel so much gratitude in my heart for all the generosity and love you put into this amazing workshop. As someone with no experience at all of tantra I found your workshop to be very enlightening and perfect for a beginner. I felt very comfortable and safe in the sacred space you created.

I felt very held and cared for on an emotional level also. There was a lot more content than I expected and the healing was quite literally out of this world! I could definitely feel the power of the practices and felt an increased intimacy with my partner. Afterwards I felt energized, present, inspired, affirmed and more committed to sacred practice. You are both magically powerful divine beings and I look forward to weaving the web of the great mystery with you again. You shared so much of yourselves very generously and graciously and for that I bow humbly. Sending much love, gratitude and blessings on your important work.”

Phenoix Moon


If you’re looking to deepen your spiritual awareness & connection and intimacy with a lover then this workshop is for you.

$400 per couple
$370Early Bird
$250 For Singles
$220Early Bird

Date: Please Contact us for date for the next workshop

Location: Melbourne, Australia